Members at the field

The White Horse Model Club was formed in 1973 and met at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington at the foot of the famous Berkshire White Horse chalk figure carved in the hill side, hence the name of the club and logo. Initially the club catered for all modelling disciplines, and we do mean all. Everything from ducted fan R/C jets through steam locomotives to detailed plastic models. This often inspired members to 'have a go' at a discipline they had not tried before.

However the club had a predominant core of R/C model aircraft and as the membership profile evolved and venues changed it is this element that is the mainstream of the club today.

The WHMC prides itself in having a relaxed atmosphere where encouragement and advice are always at hand from its widely experienced members. Because the WHMC takes a responsible attitude to noise and safety, it has enjoyed good relationships with the landowner, his tenants and users of the nearby Ridgeway throughout the clubs history.

Though our flying field is not suitable for all types of model aircraft, members do have involvement in a wide range of activity from indoor flying to gas turbine jets. The cultivated grass strip is best suited to radio control and is used for a wide mix of sport and scale models. The WHMC was one of the first clubs in this country to develop aero-towing of gliders, a practice that is still actively followed.

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