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About our site

WHMC has used this site, with commanding views over the surrounding countryside on a clear day, since 1976. It is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is under controlled management. The layout and size of the site imposes some limitations on models that can be flown - notably restricting large and/or fast powered aircraft; if you would like to visit please contact a member of the committee below.

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Membership and Training

WHMC typically has around 50 members, membership options and fees are available from the membership secretary, note that a minimum of BMFA A certificate is needed to fly unsupervised at our site.

Buddy-box trainingThe WHMC offers a structured training scheme, based on the BMFA A Flying Start training manual. Please note that all training is provided on an entirely voluntary, and best endeavours basis by members. As part of the structured programme you will be issued with your own individual flight log, which includes all the key aspects of the programme, relevant to the target achievement scheme. Advice on suitable models for training, choice of power system, radio installation and set-up is available if required.

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Club Contacts

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Membership Secretary


Training Coordinator




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What do we fly?

Members are active in a wide variety of R/C activity covering indoor, silent flight, sport and scale - although there are limitations for size of large power models. Many members take advantage of the range of ready-to-fly models available; however, there are also many members who build their own from plans or kits.

The club organises a few annual informal events for members such as fly-for-fun, silent flight day, aerotow and a scale day. The following pictures give a cross-section of activities within the club.

WHMC members photos

Scale glider fuselage construction Scale Stearman airframe Scale cockput interior Oldtimer Junior 60
WOT4 sport model Scale Olympia glider Scale Rheinland glider Electric sport and scale models
Gas turbine models - site only accomodates grey delta Scale Hawker Tomtit with homebuilt engine Scale ASW20 glider Aerotow launch
Hardy pilots at a winter training session Astrohog biplane - SIG Hand launched indoor rubber model, Classic pose Indoor scale Taylorcraft, Prize winner at Indoor Scale Nationals
Scale Stearman with wing-walker Scale Hawker Tomtit with homebuilt engine Hand launched F3K gliders Electric foam glider
1 to 1 scale Piper Cub visit by site owner, Fence added to partition field prevents visits now

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