Selection of members photo's across all disciplines.

WHMC members photos

Scale glider fuselage construction Scale Stearman airframe Scale cockput interior Oldtimer Junior 60
WOT4 sport model Scale Olympia glider Scale Rheinland glider Electric sport and scale models
Gas turbine models - site only accomodates grey delta Scale Hawker Tomtit with homebuilt engine Scale ASW20 glider Aerotow launch
Hardy pilots at a winter training session Astrohog biplane - SIG Hand launched indoor rubber model, Classic pose Indoor scale Taylorcraft, Prize winner at Indoor Scale Nationals
Scale Stearman with wing-walker Scale Hawker Tomtit with homebuilt engine Hand launched F3K gliders Electric foam glider
1 to 1 scale Piper Cub visit by site owner, Fence added to partition field prevents visits now

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Selection of photo's from our informal " Don Luck " scale days.

WHMC Don Luck Scale photos
Auster DH Beaver - electric Comper Swift with folding wings and homebuilt engine Comper Swift folded wings
Comper Swift homebuilt engine Comper Swift in flight Veron DV III - electric Bucker Jungman
Super Stearman Smith's Miniplane - SIG P47 - Topflite Piper Cub
Etrich Taube - Flair Yak 18 - Skyways Models Piper Cub Cub and Tiger Moth
Super Chipmonk Chipmonk cockpit Learjet Pander
Eagle Tiger Moth take-off

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Selection of photo's from our Silent Flight days.

WHMC Silent Flight photos
Selection of electric models Selection of electric models Taborca flying wing - electric

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Selection of photo's from our Aerotow's.

WHMC Aerotow photos
Quarter scale gliders waiting aerotow Ka 8 and Minimoa Ka 8 on aerotow Glider on tow by Partner tug
Partner tug, petrol powered Glider line-up Wilga tug Aerotow launch
Olympia preparing for tow Scale pilot Scale cockpit detail Petrel vintage glider

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